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Agent Day Seminar 2016

As many other global SMB companies Rapp Bomek is relying on their international agents to market, support and follow-up their products, projects and services around the world. Following this year’s ONS Rapp Bomek hosted the first “agent-day” seminar for our agents at the company HQ in Bodø.

The agenda was focused on getting to know Rapp Bomek by “WWW” – Who, What and When in Rapp Bomek. Moreover, innovation, technology and strategy as to how the new management team are planning to grow the company in the coming period was discussed during the day.

Following the professional sessions, the group moved out in the beautiful nature surrounding the company HQ in Bodø and travelled by boat to “Landegode fyr”.  In beautiful sunny weather, we learned about the history of the Norwegian light houses system in general and particularly the Landegode light house. The evening was concluded with very tasty a multi course seafood meal inside the old light house buildings. As a special treat, we even go to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) during the evening at Landegode.

Rapp Bomek wants to thank our agents for travelling all the way to Bodø to learn more about our company, set-up in Bodø and our products.