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Celebrating the production start on the Johan Sverdrup field

Today we celebrate the production start on the Johan Sverdrup field. This is the third biggest oil field on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.
Rapp Bomek and Equinor in 2015 signed a frame agreement for supply of external and internal heavy duty doors to the Johan Sverdrup field development. We have delivered 210 fire rated doors to this project that are built to withstand the toughest environments. 

Facts about Sverdrup:

  • Maximum daily production will be 6600,000 barrels/day when production reaches plateau in phase 2
  • Total resources are estimated at 2.7 billion barrels of oil equivalents, and the ambition is to extract more than 70 percent of the reserves.
  • When production is at plateau, it will make up 30 per cent of all Norwegian oil productionThe field will be powered from shore
  • Power from shore (mainly from hydroelectric power) contributes to emissions savings from Johan Sverdrup of more than 620,000 tonnes of CO2 each year, corresponding to emissions to more than 310,000 passenger cars
  • Due to the size and extent of Johan Sverdrup - the size of the field is around 200 square kilometers - the field is being developed in two phases and with a total of five fixed platform installations
  • Production start for the second phase of the development is planned in the fourth quarter of 2022
  • The Johan Sverdrup development can generate more than 150,000 person-years of employment during the construction phase (2015—2025)
  • In the first phase of the development, 70% of the contracts were awarded to suppliers in Norway. In the second phase this has increased to as much as to 85%.
  • And in the operational phase, Johan Sverdrup may contribute to employment of more than 3,400 people each year
  • Revenue for the Norwegian state is estimated at more than NOK 900 billion
Source: Equinor

We, along all the other suppliers in Norway, celebrated with cake today. 

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