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Photo: Rapp Bomek

Holmestrand railway station

Holmestrand railway station is part of Vestfold Line in Vestfold county, Norway. It is a unique station with an 800 meters long station hall placed at the heart of the mountain. It is accessible from the city center Holmestrand through a foot tunnel and from the mountain plateau via 70-meter-high lifts. It consists of four tracks and platforms. The new tracks in the tunnel are designed for high-speed trains up to 250 km/h.

Rapp Bomek together with their daughter company Rapp Pyrotec got the assignment to deliver fire-rated and smoke-proof doors, hatches and gates to this project. The companies started the production at the end of May and the last delivery date was at the end of November. The delivery consists of ca. 100 safety doors, gates and hatches. The biggest smoke-proof sliding door is 3 meters high and 7 meters wide.

It was challenging project because these doors needed to be designed for significant fatigue, but the Rapp Bomek doors have a high margin when it comes to fatigue. The control system needed to get in cooperation with the SRO system for Jernbaneverket and that was a new area for both companies.

Besides the production, Rapp Bomek took also part in the installation; our service engineers were on site from July to the middle of November performing installation. 


Photos: Rapp Bomek