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Large delivery of new fire doors to Goliat rig

This autumn, Rapp Bomek is running a campaign encouraging the offshore industry to the check, maintain and replace fire doors. Vår Energi has recently replaced 99 doors on the Goliat platform.

This spring Rapp Bomek announced that the contract with Vår Energi will continue – an agreement involving service, maintenance and spare parts for installed fire doors on their oil and gas platforms.  Rapp Bomek has recently completed a major project in which all the fire doors in the electrical rooms on the Goliat platform have been replaced.

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99 new firedoors

Over the past 14 months, Rapp Bomek has fabricated, delivered and installed a total of 99 fire doors on the Goliat platform – both hinged and sliding doors. The replacement has been in two stages. The final installment of 24 doors was recently concluded, on budget and four weeks earlier than planned.

“Service and maintenance of fire doors are extremely important for optimal performance, and to protect lives and property in the case of fire. Rapp Bomek's "Check – Repair – Replace" campaign encourages the offshore industry to; check, repair and replace older or damaged fire doors. We are very pleased with the project to replace firedoors which Vår Energi has recently concluded in order to secure their platform, and not least the people on board”, says Kurt Kristoffersen, CEO of Rapp Bomek.

Solid cooperation

Rapp Bomek's team were responsible for installing the doors. Vår Energi is pleased with the cooperation, professionalism and the spirit shown by Rapp Bomek, not to mention the high safety focus during the entire replacement process.

"We are very pleased with the professional attitude the Rapp Bomek team showed. Through high work ethics they have demonstrated an unprecedented willingness to work with our offshore employees. We look forward to future cooperation with Rapp Bomek", says Odd A. Jørgensen, Maintenance Advisor at Vår Energi.

Ongoing fire door campaign

The fire door campaign will span the period from September 1st to December 31st 2020. The campaign focuses on the importance of service and maintenance of fire doors and encourages the offshore industry to have an ongoing focus on checking, repairing and replacing fire doors for optimal operation and security.

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