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New and unique window – the only one of its kind in the world

Rapp Bomek, together with Modum Glassindustri and with support from SINTEF, has developed a security window that can withstand projectiles, explosions and forced entry at the highest levels of security. We are alone in the world in being able to deliver such a window.

There are a variety of security windows on the market today, with differing characteristics. Some are designed to withstand explosions, some resist forced entry or vandalism, and others can stop projectiles. One might think that by mounting the different types of glass together, the combined effects could be achieved, but in reality this results in each glass type losing its beneficial properties.

– Our job is to combine the different individual characteristics into one window, and it is exactly that that makes our new product unique, explains Rapp Bomek CEO, Kurt Kristoffersen. The window we have developed satisfies all three demands, i.e. the complete window with frame and glass can take all loads.

Even withstands car bombs and NATO-ammunition
The scientists developed the window by building models and simulating the loads from explosions, gunshots and attacks. After continued testing and analysis, we arrived at the optimal solution for withstanding the specified loads. Following this, we built prototypes of the window for full-scale testing.

– Simulation in the developmental stages is without a doubt extremely important, but in the end it is the real, practical tests that show how the solution will stand up to real-life attacks, Kristoffersen explains.

Both the glass and the window were assembled and tested in a test rig, and fired at with guns using NATO-ammunition, as described in European test-standards. In addition, the windows were tested with explosives, in a specially designed pressure-test facility, with assistance from Nammo Raufoss. The explosives sent extremely high-pressure shock-waves at the window, which successfully withstood the pressure.

– We have simulated a real terror attack. First, the windows were shot at; they were then explosion-tested in a pressure-test facility with pressure similar to a car bomb, as specified in the test standard. This means that the window will withstand a car bomb or similar, Kristoffersen points out.

Highly classified product
Many of the details of the finished product are classified, including the thickness of the glass. But the scientists can reveal that it is a laminated glass. In addition, the window is designed to withstand the demands that are natural for any building, such as noise reduction and U-value.

The window is classified as burglary security class R5 in accordance with European standards and as a result will be suitable for buildings where socially critical tasks are carried out, such as police stations, fire departments, power plants, hospitals and public offices. An extremely high security standard has, for example, been applied to the new Government Building Complex with regards to the structure and the façade. When construction begins next year, a whole new level of security requirements must be followed than have previously been the norm for this type of building.

– We are, of course, following this project very closely and feel that we have a solution that is highly relevant for the new Government Building Complex, says Kristoffersen.

Trademark and design protected
Rapp Bomek has led the project to develop the window and is product owner. Modum Glassindustri and SINTEF Manufacturing have been co-operating companies, and have influenced how the solution is built, including construction, dimension and design. In addition to the many practical tests conducted here in Norway, the window has also been tested by an independent test institute in Germany. The high security window has been named PRESSIOTEC and is both trademark and design protected.