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Rapp Bomek with new delivery of blast-proof custom doors to technology giant Samsung

When Samsung was going to expand its factory for the production of car batteries in Hungary, they contacted Rapp Bomek once again to supply blast-proof doors.

Samsung SDI is now expanding their production capacity for electric car batteries and investing 1.2 billion euros in its factory in Hungary. Every year about 50,000 lithium-ion batteries are produced for electric cars. As a result of the expansion, the plant will measure 330,000 square meters and will create 1,200 new jobs.

New show of trust

In 2020, Rapp Bomek was contacted by Samsung Engineering, who are responsible for the expansion of the battery factory in Hungary, and who have ordered several blast-proof doors for the expansion. Samsung has previously used similar doors from Rapp Bomek in connection with the construction of the battery factory in 2018.

Strict requirements for fire safety

The blast-proof doors are custom-built and will be installed towards the end of 2020 in the factory’s laboratory rooms. Battery production is associated with high temperatures and the requirement for safety is extremely high. The doors must meet strict requirements for fire and explosions and are fire classified as A60, meaning that they must withstand fire for at least 60 minutes. The doors are also soundproof in-line with the customer's requirements.

Positive feedback

We have received a lot of positive feedback on the pneumatic sliding doors which were delivered in 2018 and are very pleased that Samsung has chosen to order more blast-proof custom doors from Rapp Bomek. The delivery to Samsung is a good example of how Rapp Bomek can deliver made-to-measure solutions for land-based factory facilities with special needs, says Hugo Henriksen, Sales Manager at Rapp Bomek.

The delivery to Samsung also positions us as a supplier of security and fire doors in Europe, says Kurt Kristoffersen, CEO of Rapp Bomek.

In addition to offering high-quality custom-built doors, Rapp Bomek also assists in the planning stages of projects with services such as installation, inspection, commissioning and spare parts.