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Ida Guastad, CFO recieves the prize at the award ceremony

Rapp Bomek won the export prize at Opplyst 2017

Opplyst is a regional conference and award ceremony. Several successful companies from the Salten region are nominated for awards in many categories. 

In 2017 Rapp Bomek was nominated for the “Export prize”. Among the criteria were degree of innovation, processing level, exploitation of export potential, sustainable production (footprint / environmental profile) and ownership. 

The jury's reasoning: the winner has noted the ability for rapid adaptability in a swinging international market – without the ability to innovate being affected. The company employs people not just from all over Norway, but from other countries as well. Although the majority of their workers are from the region. This provides diversity and focus on talent. They have received contracts in new emerging industries. They are not a typical commodity company, they have a high degree of processing and a big share of work in the aftermarket. They have contributed to significant growth and are continuously looking for new markets through their international network.

(Source: Avisa Nordland)

«Winning the export prize makes us very proud. It confirms that we are on the right track.  We were working very hard on adaptation and winning this prize gives Rapp Bomek a big boost to work even harder in the future. We are very thankful for this prize, it means a lot to us»– said Terje Boe, the CEO of Rapp Bomek.