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Rapp Bomek delivers V-door to jackup rig

Rapp Bomek is delivering a double sliding V-door to the ultra-high specification jack-up rig for use in the United Kingdom sector of the North Sea from Noble Corporation.

Jurong Shipyard Pte. Ltd.(Singapore) builds the rig and the special V-door will be installed there this fall.

The door is designed to withstand windload of 49m/s at 10m sea level above (air gap of rig is 69m and V-door elevation is 29,92m ABL). It is pneumatic operated and the door and frame is made of sea resistant aluminum.

The jack-up rig will be constructed based on the proven Gusto MSC CJ70 design and in line with an enhanced version of Statoil’s “Cat J" specifications. The ultra-high specification jack-up rig will have an air gap of 69 metres and will be capable of operating in water depths of up to 150 metres (492 feet) in harsh environment conditions, with a maximum total drilling depth capacity of 10,000 metres (approximately 33,000 feet).

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