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Rapp Bomek enters into a framework agreement with Statnett

Rapp Bomek has entered into a framework agreement with Statnett for a duration of four years and an estimated value of NOK 60 million. Statnett has an option to extend the agreement by two years, plus another two years following the first agreement period.

Security and critical infrastructure
Statnett's facilities and systems are critical infrastructure where particularly strict safety requirements have been set. Critical infrastructure is defined as facilities and systems that are absolutely necessary to maintain critical functions in society, cover basic needs and maintain the population's sense of security.


Products with high requirements for performance in safety and fire
Rapp Bomek has developed the latest generation of fire and security doors, which satisfy stricter requirements and performance than previous standards. The new doors satisfy fire requirements that are four times stricter than previous requirements. The security doors must take into account the need to physically secure the facilities, but also enable quick and easy evacuation in critical situations. The doors have undergone extensive tests and are certified by reputable test laboratories.


«Rapp Bomek has developed a series of doors from security class RC2 to RC6 and works closely with manufacturers of advanced locking systems. These products require combined performance in safety, fire (EI260 standards), smoke and sound. The need for combination products has become more common and it is more demanding to develop and achieve the requirements in new and upgraded tests”, says product manager at Rapp Bomek, Roger Hjemberg.


The products are developed and produced at the company's facilities in Kapp and in Bodø, Norway, and are based on safety products that have been delivered to the National Museum and the Munch Museum, where the requirements for safety and fire protection are high.


«We look forward to the collaboration with Statnett and the company's other subcontractors in the coming years. We are proud to have been chosen. This confirms our position as a leader in the development of fire doors and security doors. The security market is growing strongly and new needs for physical security of critical infrastructure, public buildings, defence facilities and police and emergency facilities are significant", says CEO of Rapp Bomek, Kurt Kristoffersen.


«We see great investment needs in these areas in Norway, but also in neighbouring countries such as Sweden and Denmark. We are focused on strengthening our position in these markets, together with our partners", Kristoffersen adds.


Rapp Bomek has strategic partners in the Swedish and Danish markets. In Norway, the company has a distribution network with experienced specialists in project and installation. With an extensive product portfolio that also includes explosion and bulletproof doors and windows, Rapp Bomek is solidly positioned to serve the increasing need within these segments.


"We look forward to working with Rapp Bomek. They have proven to be a competent and exciting company in the security market. We are looking forward to getting started with projects and have high expectations for the collaboration", says Otto Berg, category leader Building and Construction at Statnett.