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Rapp Bomek enters into cooperation agreement with Sensec Group

Rapp Bomek has recently signed an agreement with Sensec Group, a company specialised in solutions for the security market. The cooperation will strengthen Rapp Bomek's position in the market and facilitate further growth and development

The Swedish company Sensec is specialised in solutions for the security market, with main focus on baggage controls, vehicle controls and security checks of incoming mail/packages. Through the collaboration, Sensec will assist with sales and marketing, and technical support for Rapp Bomek’s product portfolio in the Nordic region, including fire and safety doors, windows and wall systems, as well as other specialty products.

Together with Sensec, Rapp Bomek will offer products that are produced, sold and maintained in the Nordic region. Sensec has an extensive client portfolio, including public buildings and larger museum buildings.

"For some time, we have been looking for a partner that can help strengthen our product portfolio, especially for safety doors. The cooperation with Rapp Bomek is a perfect match for our plans for further growth and development in the Nordic market," says Michael Pettersson, CEO of Sensec Group.

Kurt Kristoffersen, CEO of Rapp Bomek, agrees:

"Our cooperation with Sensec will undoubtedly strengthen Rapp Bomek and create good conditions for further development. Together with Sensec, our sales organisation will be strengthened, enabling us to offer even better solutions to the market. We very much look forward to the collaboration that will serve both companies and, not least, our clients.”