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    Rapp Bomek from 1864
    Rapp bomek has supplied shipping equipment from back in 1864
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    Rapp Bomek AS agrees contract for service, maintenance and spare parts of installed fire doors at Equinor
    Today a contract has been signed for the supply of Service, maintenance and spare parts. The service will be coordinated from the service department in Bodø. The contract award confirms Rapp Bomek’s  market position in the global oil and gas market.
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    Skarv FPSO

    35 safety doors from Rapp Bomek

  • Valemon platform - Photo Harald Pettersen - Statoil
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    The Ichthys LNG Project’s FPSO will process and store condensate from the central processing facility and periodically offload stabilised condensate to shuttle carriers for export directly to market. 

    The projects to incorporate virtually all elements of the production chain. In the case of Ichthys this means extensive subsea infrastructure, massive offshore facilities including an FPSO and the world’s largest semisubmersible platform, the longest subsea pipeline in the Southern Hemisphere and state-of-the-art onshore processing facilities in Darwin.

    (Source: www.impex.com.au

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    Glen Lyon (Quad 204)
    160 fire doors to the Glen Lyon FPSO
  • Melkøya Snøhvit - Photo Øyvind Hagen - Statoil (1)
  • Sakhalin platform
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  • Varg1
  • Troll B platform - Photo Øyvind Hagen - Statoil
    Troll B
    Troll B, a floating process and accommodation platform with concrete hull.

    The thin oil layer is between 22 and 26 meters in the Troll West oil province and 11 and 13 meters in the Troll West gas province.

    In order to recover oil from the thin layer, it has been necessary to develop advanced  drilling and production technology.

    (Source: www.statoil.com. Photo: Øyvind Hagen / Statoil ASA)
  • Snorre B - Photo Harald Pettersen - Statoil
    Snorre B
    The Snorre B platform came on stream in June 2001. 

    This semi-submersible PDQ floater lies about seven kilometers north of the A platform. 

    Oil from Snorre B is piped for 45 kilometres to Statfjord B for storage and export.

    (Source: www.statoil.com. Photo: Harald Pettersen/ Statoil ASA)
  • Heidrun - Photo Harald Pettersen - Statoil

    This field in the Norwegian Sea has been producing oil and gas since October 1995 from a floating tension leg platform with a concrete hull.

    Heidrun was discovered in 1985 by Conoco, which served as operator for the exploration and development phase.

    (Source and photo: www.statoil.com, Photo: Harald Pettersen / Statoil ASA)
  • Kristin platform - Photo Harald Pettersen - Statoil
    The Kristin gas and condensate field came on stream on 3 November 2005.

    Kristin is located in the south-western part of the Halten Bank in the Norwegian Sea.

    (Source: www.statoil.com. Photo: Harald Pettersen / Statoil)

  • Sleipner field - Photo Harald Pettersen - Statoil
    The Sleipner area embraces the Sleipner East and Sleipner West gas and condensate fields.

    (Source: www.statoil.com. Photo: Harald Pettersen / Statoil)
  • Statfjord B - Photo Harald Pettersen - Statoil
    Statfjord B and C
    The field will remain in production until 2025 and possibilities to furter expand the lifetime are being looked into.

    Statfjord is one of the oldest producing fields on the Norwegian continental shelf, and the largest oil discovery in the North Sea.

    (Source: www.statoil.com)
    (Photo: Harald Pettersen / Statoil ASA)
  • Oseberg field centre - Photo Harald Pettersen - Statoil (1)
    Oseberg A, B, C and D
    The Oseberg Field Centre includes three platforms, Oseberg A, B and D, connected to one another with bridges, in the southern part of the Oseberg field, and the Oseberg C platform, which lies 14 kilometres north of the field centre. 

    (Source: www.statoil.com)
    (Photo: Harald Pettersen / Statoil ASA)
  • Aasta Hansteen - Photo  _ - Statoil (1)
  • Kårstø - Photo Øyvind Hagen - Statoil (2)