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Express range

Express range - standard steel doors

Quick, simple and reliable

Life in the construction industry isn’t always predictable, with all kinds of rules, details and deadlines to follow. You may well be on top of things, but sudden changes mean that you need to find good solutions and fast.

Rapp Bomek has the widest range of high quality, standard steel doors on the market. Doors can be delivered throughout Norway within 24 hours. We have the entire express range in stock in standard design, ready to send to you the same day when orders are placed before midday. Otherwise orders will be dispatched within 24 hours.

We have a door specialist working exclusively with our express range of steel doors. He can help you to find the exact door you need and you can get great tips and advice from someone with specialist knowledge, ensuring that assembly and maintenance are performed correctly.

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Rapp Bomek has developed the service concept “Certified for life”. This means that Rapp Bomek products will protect people and property for life, as well as reducing the total cost of ownership. We have a professional service team with over 30 highly trained service engineers who can provide installation and maintenance on all types of fire doors, safety doors, systems and equipment. Read more about our maintenance services here.

Security doors

In addition to our wide range of high quality, standard steel doors, we also offer robust security doors that meet security class requirements up to 5 NS EN1627. All security doors can be produced in required dimensions, and may be delivered with special fittings associated with escape, intrusion, access control, etc. They may also be combined with fire class A30-A120 and F30-F60. Read more about our security doors here.

Profile-based products

We offer a complete range of profile-based doors, windows and wall safety solutions designed to offer protection against fire (up to E120), blast, water, intrusion (up to RC5), ballistics (up to FB7NS) and noise. We deliver profile systems in steel and rust-free steel, predominantly for use in door and sliding door systems, but also for application in façade, window and roof panels. For internal and external use. Read more about our products here.

For inquires please contact our sales department.