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Rapp Bomek veitunnelprodukter

Complete selection of products for tunnels

Rapp Bomek offers a complete selection of products that are developed to meet the tough requirements and standards in modern tunnels. This includes advanced door, window and wall systems, and safety solutions that are resistant to fire, blast, gas, water, intrusion, ballistics and noise, as well as the harshest of climates. 

Total solution provider to infrastructure such as power plants, rail and road tunnels

Rapp Bomek, including previous sister company Rapp Pyrotec, have delivered advanced safety solutions to road tunnels for over 30 years. Tunnels are our main focus in the civil market and we can offer the exact custom solutions you require, delivered as a turnkey solution on EPCIC basis. This means we assist with concept development and modelling, through procurement, construction and installation, and deliver the finished commissioned construction. Or, we can simply supply standard products, if that is what you need.


Rapp Bomek has developed the service concept “Certified for life”. This means that Rapp Bomek products will protect people and property for life, as well as reducing the total cost of ownership. We have a professional service team with over 30 highly trained service engineers who can provide installation and maintenance on all types of fire doors, safety doors, systems and equipment. Read more about our maintenance services here.

Product range road tunnels:

Stainless doors and hatches with fire and intrusion classification:

  • Escape doors
  • Doors and gates to technical rooms and buildings
  • Doors in emergency rooms
  • Inspection hatches

Other security solutions:

  • Door and name signs
  • Hammer-glass noise barriers
  • Height obstacles
  • Doors and roller shutters
  • Emergency lighting and ITV
  • Emergency telephones

We deliver complete doors with frames, handles, locks, panic bars, internal door pumps, doorstops, fixings, mouldings, screws, etc. 


Some of the road tunnel projects we have delivered in recent years:

  • E134 Myntbrua-Trollerudmoen
  • Fv714 Stokkhaugen - Sundan
  • E16 Gudvanga tunnel
  • Rotsethorn tunnel
  • Lieråsen tunnel
  • Beitla tunnel
  • Lannghelle tunnel
  • Tunnel Bagn
  • Ryssdals tunnel
  • FV64 Fannefjord tunnel
  • Skjeggestad tunnel
  • Bømlafjord tunnel
  • RV 94 Skjåholmen
  • Vangs tunnel Voss
  • Grillstad tunnel
  • Geitryggs tunnel, Vierbotn
  • E6 Jansnes - Halselv 
  • T33 Talvik tunnel
  • E6 Frya-Vinstra
  • Tromsøysund tunnel
  • UE Bryn tunnel

Read more about our products here or contact our sales department for more information.