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In the global energy market, Rapp Bomek is market leader in advanced safety and security door, window, hatch and wall solutions, based on the most demanding specifications. One of the few dedicated technical fire door specifications developed for demanding offshore oil exploration and production, is the Norwegian NORSOK specification. This specification is based on Rapp Bomek’s fire products – so in many ways you may say that we set the standard.  

Rapp Bomek has delivered fire door solutions to the global energy market for more than 30 years, delivering products and projects to more than 100 countries. In these projects, we have met some of the most stringent specifications, ranging from hurricane wind loads in Australian offshore exploration and production, to jet-fire rating at US LNG terminals, and the demanding arctic climate and HSE specifications of the Barents Sea.  

As the energy market develops with shale oil and more cost optimized onshore projects, as well as offshore oil & gas production, water power and wind and solar projects, Rapp Bomek is constantly innovating to meet industry requirements and customers’ needs, while never compromising on quality or safety. Trust Rapp Bomek when safety comes first.  

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