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Fire doors are designed to act as a barrier that delays and hinders the spread of fire and smoke, enabling people to evacuate and lives to be saved. With the correct maintenance and service, fire doors can live as long as 25 years. In order to fully perform when needed, it is vital that fire doors are sufficiently serviced and regularly maintained. Even the highest quality fire doors can experience critical damage or unusual wear and tear, requiring that doors be repaired or replaced.

Fire door service and maintenance includes routine checks and planned maintenance, and involves small adjustments and repairs, as well as spare part replacement when required. If fire doors are not sufficiently maintained, their properties will be reduced, and lives can be lost. Performing routine and periodic maintenance will make sure fire doors are fully operational at all times, and you can rely on them to perform when you need them. 

How often should you check your fire doors?

There are two types of checks that should be performed on fire doors to keep them in good working order.

Routine checks involve keeping a close eye on doors on a daily basis. Especially if doors are frequently used. If failures or damages are detected, maintenance/repairs must be carried out to ensure the fire door is returned to a fully functional condition.

Periodic maintenance should be seen in conjunction with routine checks. Different fire door parts need to be more thoroughly checked and maintained at different intervals, ranging from every month to twice yearly, depending on their function and materials used. Below is a table showing recommended periodic maintenance intervals for the main fire door parts.



How do you check fire doors?

Routine checks are conducted with a simple visual inspection. If fire doors do not open and close correctly, or there is a whistling sound, this can indicate that the gasket is damaged or the door may be bowed/deformed and will not function correctly in a fire. Rust will also deteriorate fire door properties over time and should be quickly corrected to avoid damage worsening. Signs should also be checked - it is important that signs are visible and clear to ensure correct use of the fire door.

Periodic maintenance involves a more thorough check of each part on the door. Fill in the form below to download our periodic maintenance manual for guidelines on how and when to check and perform periodic maintenance for each individual door part.

If failures are detected, these must be reported and repaired to avoid injury and loss of life. Read more here.

If critical errors are discovered, measures must be initiated to replace the fire doors in question. Read more here.

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