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How to perform correct fire door service and maintenance

Fires can kill. It is not just the heat of the flames, but the density of the smoke. Designed to act as a barrier that delays the spread of fire and hinders seeping smoke, fire doors give people more time to evacuate and save lives. Or do they? When newly installed and recently certified, fire doors do save lives. But after months and years of wear and tear, their fire saving properties may diminish, unless they are correctly serviced and maintained.

But what is ‘correct service and maintenance’?

In order to fully perform when needed, it is vital that fire doors are fully functional. This basically means that they should, at all times, function as well as when originally certified. This is only possible with regular checks and routine maintenance. Frequency depends on where the door is situated and how it is used. A fire door into the canteen which is used by hundreds of people on a daily basis will have more wear and tear than an emergency exit on the top floor which is hardly ever used.

Regular checks and routine maintenance will reduce the need for repairs, but not completely rule them out. Most parts on a fire door, ranging from gaskets, lock-cases, hinges and handles, to door closers, brakes and pneumatic systems may be repaired, but in some cases, it is more efficient to change the part.

Talk to an expert

We recommend that repairs and replacement of parts should be carried out by qualified personnel who can ensure that fire doors are returned to full operational condition in line with the original fire door classification.

When should a fire door be replaced?

Although the majority of parts on a fire door can be checked, repaired and replaced, thereby returning the door to full working condition, sometimes damage is critical and the entire door must be replaced. Damage to the door leaf, such as bowing/deformation or extensive rust, is the main reason a fire door must be replaced – and even the highest quality fire doors can experience critical damage or unusual wear and tear.


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