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Regular checks and routine maintenance should reduce the need for repairs in fire doors, but general wear and tear will require periodic replacement of parts, dependent on door usage. Parts on a fire door range from gaskets, lock-cases, hinges and handles, to door closers, brakes and pneumatic systems. Parts may be repaired in some cases, but in others it will be more efficient to change the part.

Why use qualified professionals for fire door repair?

We recommend that repairs and replacement of parts should be carried out by qualified personnel, using original spare parts, in order to maintain fire door classification. In some cases, it may be possible for qualified personnel to assess the damage and recommend corrective measures by telephone. Send photos and a description of the problem, as well as a photo of the door sign for identification. In other cases, qualified personnel may need to make onsite repairs.


We recommend a service agreement with a reputable company with qualified personnel that can quickly be onsite to make necessary repairs. 

Unsure how to conduct regular routine checks and periodic maintenance of fire doors? Read more here.

If critical errors are discovered, measures must be initiated to replace the fire doors in question. Read more here.

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