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Although some fire doors can live for as long as 25 years, with the correct maintenance and service, even the highest quality fire doors can be critically damaged or experience unusual wear and tear requiring replacement.

When should fire doors be replaced?

The majority of parts on a fire door can be serviced, repaired or replaced returning the door to full working condition, but at what point is damage classed as critical and the entire fire door must be replaced?

Critical damage means structural damage to the fire door or frame. Fire doors should generally be replaced when:
· Bowing or deformation of the door leaf or frame prevents the fire door from closing tightly
· Extensive corrosion can compromise the properties of the fire door
· Mounting of non-original parts/equipment can undermine fire door properties

What is important to consider when choosing fire doors?

There are many factors to consider when choosing fire doors. Different areas on a platform will have different fire class and security requirements, but also areas of use will lead to varying needs, such as noise, weather, bullets, explosion, etc.

Choose a supplier that has a full range of doors to cover all of your needs, who is also flexible and able to tailor solutions to your individual needs and requirements.  Quality is an important consideration. High quality doors, produced with superior quality materials and parts, should have a longer lifetime and require less maintenance and repairs.

All fire doors must be certified in accordance with international standards.  In order to remain fully operational and maintain certification, we recommend that fire doors must be serviced and maintained by qualified personnel, using original spare parts. A supplier must be able to be quickly onsite for service, maintenance and repairs, when needed.

Order checklist:

· Fire class requirements
· Security requirements – explosion, jet fire, etc
· Usage requirements - weather, noise, etc
· Usage frequency – daily use, emergency escape, etc
· Door – Sliding or hinged, single or double
· Drive system – electric or pneumatic  

Unsure how to conduct regular routine checks and periodic maintenance of fire doors? Read more here.

Minor failures can be repaired and spare parts changed by qualified personnel. Read more here.

Did you know?


Rapp Bomek fire doors

Rapp Bomek offers a complete range of advanced fire door solutions for the global offshore market and has led the industry for over 30 years. Our custom-built solutions can be tailored to customers individual need and requirements, withstanding the toughest environments and complying with the highest industry standards. We offer global service and maintenance through our network of agents and certified service professionals and will help you to maximise product lifetime, whilst minimising costs.

Complete fire door range

Rapp Bomek offers a complete range of fire doors, that can be tailor made according to your individual needs and requirements, including:
· Hinged or sliding doors
· Fire, explosion, bullet, gas, weather, water, noise proof, etc
· Fire rating ranging from NR to H120
· Jet fire rating up to J30
· Resistance class up to RC5
· Pneumatic, hydraulic or electric operation system

For more product information see Rapp Bomek fire doors.

Complying with the highest industry standards

Rapp Bomek fire doors are tested according to most applicable specifications and are type-approved by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Nemko, Sintef, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (LR), Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS), Bureau Veritas and the US Coast Guard (USCG). Our products are in compliance with the NORSOK standard, IMO and the Machinery Directive. 

For more information see Certification.

Built to withstand the toughest environments

Rapp Bomek is a Norwegian supplier that has delivered to platforms in the North Sea for more than 30 years. Doors are tried and tested in harsh, saline, arctic environments, and perform according to requirements throughout their lifetime.


For more product information on fire doors testing see here.


Maximising lifetime, whilst minimizing cost

Our highly qualified service team performs supervising, condition checks, installation, assembly and maintenance, as well as conducting tests, and recommending upgrades and improvements. The Rapp Bomek service team consists of over 30 highly qualified service personell with long experience from the offshore industry who can perform service on all types of functional doors, fire doors, security doors, systems and equipment regardless of manufacturer. 

For more product information see Rapp Bomek Service and Maintenance.

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