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Rapp Bomek is back in the maritime market. Rapp’s roots in the maritime industry date back over 100 years and for the last 30 years we have designed, developed and manufactured fire doors of the highest standard for the offshore industry. 

In the marine environment, doors are exposed to the harshest conditions and elements. Maintaining their life-saving properties in such conditions is demanding. Our extensive experience, unique engineering expertise and modern production facilities enable us to design, develop and manufacture the doors the maritime industry needs today and in the future.

Rapp Bomek is a total supplier to the maritime market offering high quality doors, commissioning, supervising, service, maintenance and spare parts. Rapp Bomek will soon release a new, complete range of fire doors that are specially designed for the maritime market, reducing maintenance and improving lifetime cost - watch this space for more information!

Commissioning, supervising, service and maintenance

All fire and security doors must be inspected and maintained throughout their lifetime in order to perform when needed. Planned service and maintenance not only maximises lifetime performance, it also reduces lifetime cost. Rapp Bomek offers a complete service program to customers in the maritime market. 

Find out more about Rapp Bomek service here:

Maritime spare parts

Rapp Bomek has spare parts for doors and hatches in the maritime market, ranging from pneumatic and electrical operating systems, to hinges, locks, fittings and gaskets for both Rapp Bomek doors and for 3rd party supplied doors.  Rapp Bomek is also distributor for Advanced Pneumatic Marine GmbH  (AP-Marine) operating control systems.

Find out more about Rapp Bomek spare parts here:

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