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Our products

Rapp Bomek offers advanced door, window, and wall safety solutions that keep you and your assets safe and secure

Rapp Bomek is a global leader in advanced door, window and wall safety solutions for energy, construction, security and maritime markets worldwide, and has been a market leader in the structural safety industry for over 30 years. We offer a complete range of safety and security solutions that are tried and tested to withstand the toughest environments and are resistant to fire, blast, gas, water, intrusion, ballistics and noise, as well as the harshest of climates. By focusing on quality at every stage of the process from design and development to manufacturing and commissioning, we not only comply with the highest industry standards, we set the standard.

Solutions tailored to your individual needs

At Rapp Bomek, we have a long history of developing solutions for some of the most demanding customers and environments in the world and our engineers have extensive product, process and market knowledge. When combined with the latest state of the art production facilities, we can custom build the exact solutions you require, delivered as a turnkey solution on EPCIC basis. This means we assist with concept development and modelling, through procurement, construction and installation, and deliver the finished commissioned construction. Or, we can simply supply standard products, if that is what you need. 
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