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CE marking and DOP

CE marking


All EU countries must permit the sale of building products with CE marking. This means that government authorities cannot impose further evidence or other requirements for these products. In other words, the main purpose of the CE mark is to ensure equal access to the EU internal market. This also means that anyone can engage in commercial trade within the EU based on the same documentation. At the same time, CE marking guarantees to customers and consumers that the product has been produced according to a harmonised European standard and provides clear references to the approved product characteristics. All outer doors have CE marking from 1 November 2019. 


CE marking is carried out in accordance with two harmonised standards: NS-EN 14351-1 for windows and outer doors not subject to fire safety regulations and NS-EN 16034, which only applies to doors with fire safety requirements. Fire doors are CE-marked for characteristics from both standards, while doors not subject to fire safety regulations are only CE-marked for the characteristics required for NS-EN 14351-1.


All CE-marked products must refer to a DOP (Declaration Of Performance). This is the most important document supporting CE marking. A DOP contains detailed information on the manufacturer, product and characteristics for which the product is approved. From 1 November 2019, all outer doors from Rapp Bomek are CE-marked based on the characteristics indicated. The label also includes a reference to the website, where the DOP for the product can be found. Below are links to all DOPs for outer doors produced by Rapp Bomek.


A number of outer doors from Rapp Bomek sold in the months after 1 November 2019 may not be CE-marked. This is either due to the time at which the order was placed or warehouse circumstances. In either case, you can rest assured that all doors have been tested and approved for the required characteristics.


Inner doors do not currently require CE marking. This is because the standard for inner doors, NS-EN 14351-2, has not yet been harmonised and published by the European Commission. No deadline has been given for adoption of this standard, so inner doors will not be CE-marked until further notice.