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Door operating systems

Operation system
Testing av dører

Pneumatic operated systems 

Rapp Bomek's well proven and reliable pneumatic systems can be supplied both for hinged and sliding doors. These systems can be supplied both as pneumatic assisted or full pneumatic operated systems. 

Our systems have been used on our doors for more than 30 years. Over the years, the systems have been continuously developed and improved and can be configured in most constellations based on customers' requests. Our systems can also be combined with different access control systems.

Electric operated systems

Rapp Bomek also supplies electric operation for most door types, including both hinged and sliding systems. All systems can be configured according to most customers' needs and requests. 

The electric door operation systems can be connected to fire and gas alarm systems, as well as access-control systems. Opening actuators, such as push buttons, radar, card reader etc., are available.