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Security doors RC2 and RC3

The design is based on our standard steel plate door A60, equipped with fittings and reinforcements that satisfy specified classes of burglary resistant construction.

52mm glued door leaf construction

The door leaf is constructed of an outer shell of 1 mm (RC2) and 1,25mm (RC3) thick steel plate on both sides of an insulating glued core.  The design is very compact and has great resistance to twisting and a smooth finished surface.


All of our doors are equipped with two or more hinges, depending on size, weight and customer requirements. Solid hinges in 4mm material, screwed to the frame and door leaf.


The door frame is made of 1,5 mm steel plate


Frame and door leaf are manufactured as standard in Galfan, zinc coated and aluminized steel sheets, but it can also be supplied in stainless/acid proof steel with both brushed and polished finish.
Regardless of material, the doors can be delivered both unpainted and painted in any RAL/NCS colour.


Lock case, dead bolts, electric bolt, door closers, flush bolt, panic bar, lead covers etc. in compliance with certification license.