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Window systems

Rapp Bomek offers fire rated and security windows as part of their product range. The windows are manufactured under license from Stålprofil AB, with our own certificates from SEMKO. 

We deliver profile systems in steel and stainless steel (stainless quality EN 1.4404). We supply mostly for use in door and sliding door panels, but we also supply for use in facade, wall, window and roof panels. Both for indoor use and for use in exterior walls.

Our steel profile systems are widely used in office and commercial buildings, airports, banks, embassies, prisons, schools, hospitals, care centres etc. Profiles/glass can be delivered both as uninsulated, insulated and fire insulated and can fulfill various requirements, such as fire, ballistics and burglary resistance, cold and soundproofing, as well as weather and rain proofing.

The fire rated windows can be delivered with a fire rating up to EI120 in fixed frame (non-operational) construction, and up to EI90 in operational construction.

The window systems can be delivered with both burglary and bullet resistance. We offer burglary resistance class up to RC5 and bullet resistance up to FB7NS. The resistance class depends on shape and formats.