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Fire door maintenance

Service and maintenance

Rapp Bomek has a professional service team with over 30 highly trained service engineers who can provide installation and maintenance on all types of fire doors, systems and equipment.

The service team has extensive experience, and the necessary certificates and safety courses required for onshore and offshore work. 

Our service team have performed installations, surveys, maintenance and recommendations for upgrading and cost effective improvements on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, Norwegian Civil projects and international projects.

Rapp Bomek has developed a "Total Agreement" concept, which is used lots of platforms and FPSOs in order to reduce costs for the platform operators. Today, we have long-term frame agreements with several oil companies for maintenance on fire doors and fire door systems.

Rapp Bomek also has developed a service concept called “Certified for life”. That means that Rapp Bomek doors will continue to protect people and property for life and it also helps to reduce the total cost of ownership. As a part of this concept, we will be able to offer the following:

  • 20 years spare parts availability
  • Rapp Bomek worldwide network of service points and spare part distribution
  • Any spare parts to any place within 48 hours
  • Webshop (coming soon)
  • 24/7-hour service
  • Rapp Bomek certified training for our sales representatives and partners
  • Rapp Bomek certification of service professionals
  • Innovative developments 
  • Innovative retrofit units 

For inquires please contact our service department.