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Fire door maintenance

Spare Parts and Operating Control systems

Parts Energy & Maritime  
Rapp Bomek has spare parts for doors and hatches in the maritime and energy segments ranging from pneumatic and electrical operating systems, to hinges, locks, fittings, gaskets for both Rapp Bomek doors and for 3rd party supplied doors.  

Rapp Bomek is a distributor for Advanced Pneumatic Marine GmbH operating control systems for doors covering the needs of ferry, cruise, fishing, research, cargo and other vessels in addition to offshore and onshore energy installations. Rapp Bomek offers service on Rapp Bomek doors and systems and 3rd party doors and systems. 

AP-Marine operating control systems have fire-test certificates, type approvals, MED documentation in EC certification, and meet the high-end quality necessary to supply these markets. Operators can choose between a chain drive or timing belt system, that can be operated via a light barrier or a push-button.   

Construction and Security  
Rapp Bomek has spare parts for doors and hatches for the construction and security segments ranging from electrical operating systems, hinges, locks, fittings, gaskets for Rapp Bomek doors as well as for 3rd party doors.

For more information about our spare parts, please download the PDF:

For inquires related to spare parts, products and technical questions please contact:  

Snorre Bjørkmo, Energy & Maritime Sb@rappbomek.com M: +47 957 28 163
Lasse Nyheim, Energy & Maritime Lasnyh@rappbomek.com M: +47 952 12 779
Senad Avdic, Civil & Security  sea@rappbomek.com M: + 47 416 16 084 

For new doors and systems please contact: 
Hugo Henriksen Sales Director 
hughen@rappbomek.com M: +47 908 8 856